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The Appointed Supervising Agent

Responsible For Your Confidential Property Price Data

When the time comes to select the right Agent to sell your property you want a Real Professional who is truly dedicated to your best interests at all times. The kind of person you can trust on to take care of business the way you deserve. Selling your property demands dynamic expertise and total commitment to getting the right result. It's time for you to meet Allen Fernandez.

As the Appointed Supervising Agent for this web site, Allen Fernandez is a local Property And Real Estate expert and has the very latest data collation tools available for local property.

Allen also has a level of local knowledge that makes a big difference to understanding more than the statistics available in a database,Allen knows the local factors that could well affect the value of your property to potential buyers. 

About Allen Fernandez

Trusted North West Real Estate Professional

Allen Fernandez is acknowledged by his many clients and peers in the Sydney Real Estate industry as a hallmark standard of excellence and performance. Without seeming boastful, or going over the top, there is no one better with whom you should wisely place your trust and confidence to achieve your property dreams and objectives.

Though Allen has a career span of over ten years he is just as enthusiastic and dedicated to looking after the best interests of his clients as on his first day in the world of Real Estate. The difference of course is that the years of success have provided Allen with the insightful wisdom and expertise that only come with time.

Allen is one of those people who have that unstoppable character of perpetual motion, the inner energy sparked by his fervent desire to win for his clients every time. Allen is resolute, he is fiercely determined on your behalf and never accepts second best for you, but in the nicest possible way and always with a warm smile!

Having been at the forefront of traditional agencies Allen very early recognised the progressive change to the industry in recent years, knowing only too well that the old ways are gone and this is the era of 21st century Virtual Real Estate. For this key reason Allen has embraced joining the fast growing Oxbridge Property Group of Property Sales Professionals, helping and encouraging his clients to benefit from the greater time and resource provided by the Oxbridge system.

The Virtual Real Estate Marketing system that Oxbridge provides is exactly what Allen wants to bring to you. Why? In Allen's own words;

"It's all about time, the time to give my clients my undivided attention and service. Traditional Agencies often use heavy handed micro management systems that can prevent vendors and buyers from receiving the very best level of service and communication.

So many times I still see sales people being driven to distraction to get more listings when they simply can't look after their present clients. It's too bad and so very sad. The high technology Virtual Real Estate systems implemented by Oxbridge remove these limitations, allowing me all the time and resource I need to really look after my clients. I couldn't go back to the old ways, they are gone.".

The best way to see what we mean is to see what we mean! Give Allen a call and have a friendly chat about what you really want from the Real Estate world. All being said, Allen Fernandez will help you make all the right moves. 

PHONE: 0433 398 862

Email: allen@oxbridge.com.au

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